4Earth Solutions are a company based in the north east of England that specialise in the creation, distribution and application of Anti Slip Coatings, Anti Slip Floor Treatments and a wide range of cleaning and maintenance products. Our Non slip floor coatings and treatments are used extensively by a large number of non slip floor coating and floor safety specialists throughout the UK and beyond.

The anti slip solutions range is capable of covering almost any flooring surface from ceramic tiles to marble, terrazzo and concretes to wood, resin, laminates and vinyl. Our anti slip products can be used internally or externally and we feel we are in a position to find a anti slip solution for nearly all flooring issues and offer guidance and recommendations as needed.

Our non slip coatings and anti slip floor treatments are tested in house with our British standard pendulum slip test machine. The pendulum test is a slip resistance testing method used in the UK and the only slip resistance test method recognised in UK courts that is recommended by the HSE.

Alongside our anti slip coatings and treatments we offer a wide range of Cleaning products and sealers that are used for a huge number of applications from cleaning and sealing outdoor areas, chewing gum stick prevention to floor deep cleaning.

For any further information on any of our Anti Slip floor coatings or other specialist cleaning products or sealers, or to book a British Standard Pendulum friction test either in house or on site, please contact us on 0191 5670300 or through email on info@4earthsolutions.com

Slip and Fall Prevention at it’s very best

Proven Anti Slip that makes any wet floor, safer, guaranteed.

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Global Developer and Distributor of safe, clean surface treatments.

Latest news

The Dangers Of An Unsafe Floor Surface

Slips and falls are the major cause of serious accidents in the workplace, and they can result in claims for damages that run into the hundreds of thousands. Sometimes they only cause some minor bruising, but they can cause spinal injuries, broken legs and arms, and can on occasion be fatal.

How To Deal With A Slippery Floor Surface In Your Business

4Earth Solutions is a specialist in floor safety. Many businesses are unaware that the major cause of accidents in the workplace is slips, trips, and falls, and many of these are the result of a floor surface which, while it may be regularly cleaned, is actually dangerous.

How to Clean Tile Floors

The very best way to keep your tile floors clean is to avoid getting them dirty in the first place. That may sound trite, but nonetheless if you can avoid getting them dirty - especially the grout – your cleaning routine should not take very long. How do you avoid getting them dirty? Simple. Place mats at the entrance and take your shoes off when you come in. This avoids tracking dirt in from outside and your tile floors will not get so dirty.

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