Slip Resistance Testing by 4Earth Solutions

4Earth Solutions staff are trained in the use of the British standard machine for slip resistance testing, the Pendulum test machine. Floor slip tests such as the pendulum slip test use a machine that mimics the sole of a shoe during a slip on the surface of a floor using a rubber foot attached to a swinging arm.

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The Pendulum slip test is the only slip resistance test recognised in UK courts in relation to slip accidents. Slip resistance tests such as the Pendulum slip test are important to show where on a scale your floor lies, the pendulum slip test shows whether it is a safe or dangerous floor that is in need of an anti slip treatment or non slip coating application.

Floor slip tests like the pendulum test are usually carried out either on site in an area where the client has had a slip or we can also carry out in house pendulum tests on a sample that you can send to us.

Once a floor is given a slip resistance test and is deemed unsafe the next step would be to get the floor anti slipped using one of the variety of non slip coatings or anti slip treatments available. Post application a further pendulum friction test would be carried out to show that the floor is now safer and should pose less of a risk. We recommend that pendulum tests are carried out periodically so that the slip resistance of the floor can be kept high on an ongoing basis.

As you can see Pendulum slip testing is a vital tool in floor safety as without the pendulum slip testing an accurate score as to how safe or otherwise your floor is for you, your staff, customers and the public will not be found.

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