Deep Cleaning Services

4Earth Solutions don’t only offer anti-slip solutions, we also offer top quality deep cleaning services. Our deep cleaning services incorporate internal deep cleans on hard surface flooring, carpet cleans, external deep cleaning and more. We have a wide range of options to carry out internal cleaning and external cleaning using our high-quality cleaning products and techniques. Our hard surface cleaning services are ideal in areas where day to day mop and bucket clean don’t quite give the area the sparkle you have lost over time. Deep cleaning services are also vital in keeping on top of safety and hygiene in areas, build up dirt where not regularly cleaned can cause all manner of problems leading to loss of hygiene ratings in kitchens and costly claims against you in other business if anyone has a slip or fall. Internal deep cleans keep on top of all of these issues while external deep cleaning deal with any entranceway issues and also help to create a great first impression for your business. All hard surface cleans and indeed carpet deep cleans are carried out using the finest products and always where possible products that are not harmful to the environment, we pride ourselves on our work, and on being as green a company as we can be.

Internal/External Deep Cleaning Services

Safety cleaning maintenance services such as those offered by 4Earth Solutions are a vital component in any anti-slip application, treatment and ongoing safety measure for your business. When we carry out any safety facility cleaning and maintenance work within your premises we don’t like to simply carry out the work, we like to create a long-lasting impression whereby we are on hand to offer further advice and safety maintenance through the life of the floor through safety cleaning and a close relationship with our business. Safety cleaning can consist of anything from deep cleaning to safety maintenance through anti-slip applications and coatings as well as safety facility cleaning and maintenance services such as the British standard in slip resistance testing, the pendulum test. For any further safety maintenance inquiries please feel free to get in touch with us directly.

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