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We are constantly developing and improving our cleaning products and as such we have a cleaning product for every surface and in a range of different options to suit the application.

Maintaining the non slip treatment or coating

Alongside our anti slip products range such as our anti slip floor coatings, we also manufacture and distribute a range of cleaning products for use to deep clean floor tiles or for day to day maintenance, all can be used stand alone, some are recommended for use with our non slip floor coatings, anti slip floor treatments and anti slip floor coatings. A very important point to think about once you have had your floor safety specialist carry out any anti slip floor treatment or anti slip coating is that you should now carry out a very thorough floor deep cleaning regime. Once a floor has been subject to a floor slip test and the subsequently had an anti slip treatment or non slip floor coating a regular floor deep clean alongside a daily clean schedule would be wise to ensure that the floor is correctly maintained to stop the pores of the tiles re-filling with dirt, grease or grime and to ensure that when you walk over your floor the foot is hitting the non slip coating or anti slip floor treatment rather than more dirt which could make the floor slippery again meaning the score would drop on a floor safety test.

It is important to get a regular floor deep clean and floor slip test carried out periodically dependant on footfall of the area post anti slip floor treatment or non slip floor coating by your floor safety specialist, the products in this section will help day on day to keep the anti slip coating and anti slip treatments up to safe floor slip testing levels and help to give you or your floor safety specialist options to deep clean the floor tiles to keep on top of the floor safety test..

For further post anti slip floor coating maintenance guidelines call us or speak to you floor safety specialist team that have carried out the application of your non slip coating. Or if you are unsure of where your floor lies on a floor safety test please arrange a floor safety test by contacting us on 0191 5670300.

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A range of powerful and efficient range of cleaners that are great as a stand alone cleaner or working along side our anti slip range.

4Earth Safe Clean Plus

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Ecological Multi Purpose Cleaner - Degreaser, Kitchen Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, Parts Cleaner, Stainless Steel Cleaner, Tile & Floor Cleaner, Oil Removal, Plus many more Hypoallergenic, Non-toxic and 100% biodegradable, 100% water soluble and non-caustic, No Volatile Organic Compounds, Non carcinogenic, Neutral pH

4Earth Hard Surface Cleaner

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4Earth Hard Surface Cleaner is formulated to effectively clean any hard surface. Removes all dirt, grease and grime to leave your floors shining!

4Earth Cleans & Anti Slips

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4Earth Cleans & Anti Slips is a powerful cleaner that also anti slips your tiled floors. Simple to use and replaces any current floor cleaner.

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