Distribution and Partner Opportunities

Staff, Agents, Distributors, Applicators, Wholesalers, Joint Venture partners. If you want to profit from helping make the world a safer, cleaner place then why not contact us at info@4earthsolutions.com
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We're always looking for good people


We have a number of agents who work with 4Earth Solutions to identify companies who wish to benefit from our products.

A rewarding business opportunity awaits you if you develop an area in which 4Earth Solutions products can be sold.


The range of 4Earth products give applicators / contractors outstanding earnings capability.

For example the 4Earth Anti Slip range offers an anti slipping solution for almost any floor surface.

None of our products are an acid etch -one is completely eco friendly- and the highest slip resistance values can be achieved. This means that you have the capacity to anti slip more floors.


As a distributor your business will grow with a leading edge product in each of the industry sectors that we cover.

Whether it is anti slip, eco cleaning, concrete preservation, chewing gum removal (repellent), graffiti removal or anti spatter you can be sure that your profits will benefit from our expertise.


We recognise that the success of our products will only be as good as the people who are using them.

4Earth Solutions conduct regular training sessions at various locations. We are also available to have someone deliver training at your location.

Joint Venture Partners

This offers complete exclusivity in terms of running the agreed geographic area.

You will become a partner of 4Earth Solutions in your part of the world and we work together to create the very best profitable joint venture.


If you are interested in partnering with us, please complete the information form and email it to info@4earthsolutions.com. We will contact you to take your interest further.

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