You May Be Unaware Of The Level Of Safety Of Your Floors

4Earth Solutions is the leading manufacturer of anti-slip floor treatment in the UK. We produce a non-slip treatment for virtually every type of floor surface, both inside and outside. Without exception, whatever sort of business you run, you have floors and people walking on them. They may be employees, customers, or just visitors, but if they slip and fall on your floor you can be in serious trouble.

There are solicitors on every high street just waiting for the next person to hobble into their offices. These solicitors almost always work on a contingency basis – no win, no fee – because they know full well that if they can make a reasonable case they will earn themselves a nice fat commission from the damages awarded to their new client by the courts. Unfortunately, the loser is you. Even if you are covered by insurance, you can bet your bottom dollar that your premium is going to be in for a massive rise next year.

It is probably very likely that you have no idea of how dangerous or otherwise your floor surfaces are. You may keep them scrupulously clean, mopping up any spills as soon as they are seen, but your floor surface could still be dangerous.

At 4Earth Solutions we use the British Standards pendulum test in order to determine the level of danger of a floor on a sliding scale. This test is the only one accepted by British courts, and it is better to have your floor tested before an accident occurs rather than afterwards. Once we have established the level of safety of your floor, we can advise you of its’ condition and make any necessary recommendations for treating it in order to bring it up to the highest safety level if necessary.

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