Too Many Regulations

One of the biggest problems that any business faces in the UK in the 21st century is the whole raft of legislation with which it has to comply. It is almost never ending, and it sometimes seems that a business owner has to spend more time on compliance than on actually running the business.

Some areas are more serious than others, and one which many business owners do not consider – or may not even be aware of – is floor safety. You probably keep your floors clean, have them swept, mopped, dusted, polished, and so on, depending on the type of floor surface that you have, and you think that they are clean and don't consider it any further than that.

However, despite the fact that you do all this, as any responsible business owner would, they can still be in a dangerous condition! Yes, you read that correctly.

It is a sad reflection on 21st century life, but there is no end of ambulance-chasing solicitors out there who are only too keen to make a fast buck at your expense. If your floor is in a condition that is regarded as dangerous by the courts, you can finish up being sued for thousands of pounds if someone is caused injury because of slipping on your floor.

The problem is: how do you now if your floor is regarded as dangerous? The answer to that one is that you don't, unless you have it tested. At 4Earth Solutions we use the exact test that the courts rely on to determine the slipperiness, or otherwise, of your floors. Not only that, it is the same test that we would use if we were employed to test your floor by solicitors acting for the injured party!

It is called the Pendulum Test and is quick and easy to do. If your floor has a value of 36 or more, you are safe. If it doesn't you can be in serious trouble. That is, unless you have us apply an anti-slip coating which can bring it up to well in excess of 36.

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