Slips And Falls On Dangerous Floors Will Cost Money

Slips and falls account for a huge amount of damages claims in the UK every year. Leaving aside the moral aspect of a dangerous floor for a moment, the fact is that if people slip on your floor as a result of it being wet or in a dangerous condition it is going to cost you money. Certainly, you may have insurance coverage, but even so the result is going to be a hefty rise in your insurance premium, and if you don’t have insurance a large claim could even put you out of business. Slips and falls are big business for many solicitors, so you can be sure that they will come after you.

This is quite aside from the damage to your reputation caused by a dangerous floor, and the fact that you obviously have concerns about the actual injuries received by anybody slipping because of your floor condition, even if you didn’t realise that it was, or could be, dangerous.

This is where 4Earth Solutions can help you. You may think that your floor is safe, but it may not be. Our job is testing floor slip and then providing you with a solution if your floor is unreliable. We deep clean, maintain, and restore floors of all types indoors and outdoors. Once we have tested your floor we can advise you as to whether it needs an anti-slip coating, and if it does we can carry out the work for you so that your floor becomes as safe as it can possibly be. We manufacture a range of coatings that can be used to ensure floor safety in a variety of different circumstances, so you can be sure that we have the right product for your floor. Call us today to get your floor checked over and have peace of mind.

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