Slip Claims on The Rise

Slip claims are quickly becoming the biggest problem for insurance companies in the UK, catching up with non fault motor claims.

Almost every newspaper, magazine and TV commercial break has an advert for personal injury lawyers asking if you have had a slip and promising significant sums of money in compensation.

In conjunction with a number of key industry specialists including amongst others 4Earth Solutions, COBRA, and Allianz we have developed a solution which can help you deal this major problem and reduce the chances of you being subject to a no win no fee compensation claim.

A number of insurers are either withdrawing from market sectors or increasing premiums dramatically because of slip claims, understandable when the average cost of a slip claim in 2010 was £15,000. The total cost to insurers was well over £1billion. In addition to this you will also have spent a large amount of time dealing with the paperwork for the claim and quite possibly had to pay an excess, all when your income is dropping and costs including insurance are rising, this is where our solution can help.

We provide:

  • An eco friendly anti slip solution to the floor
  • An insurance backed guarantee on the floor treatment for three years,
  • Full training on cleaning of the surface,
  • An HSE approved testing machine to measure the slip factor of the floor
  • Training on how to use and record the readings using an online database.

In addition to this a fully integrated insurance policy providing extensive cover and fixed pricing for 3 years with reduced excesses and a saving on current premium of at least 15% plus a profit share agreement to return premium to you should the claims history be acceptable to insurers.

With many modern facilities having a need for aesthetically pleasing floors, floors are usually finished using tiles, decorative resin or wood, all of which create slip problems especially when wet. Using the anti slip solution which changes the surface at a microscopic level. The world respected CERAM testing laboratory have produced slip resistance and white light interferometry reports on the product. Confirming an invisible (to the naked eye) increase in slip resistance by a factor of 10 on mineral tiles.

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