Northumbria University Calls in The Anti Slip Experts

orthumbria University had identified a potential problem with the reception area in one of their buildings. Their testing regime had identified that the floor did not meet their high standards when wet.

The Company that they called in to Investigate the problem and propose a solution was conveniently local– Sunderland based 4Earth Solutions.

Tracy Scott, Northumbria University Technical Officer, says;

"We appointed 4Earth Solutions to apply their 4Earth Anti Slip to our linoleum flooring. The service was professional from start to finish with the anti-slip treatment applied to great efficiency"

4Earth Solutions were equally positive;

"We know how seriously Northumbia University take their responsibilities towards staff, students and visitors. With the high traffic of a reception area it was vital that we acted quickly and we are delighted that the result far exceeds the required safety standards."

Tracy added;

"We would have no hesitation in recommending 4Earth Solutions to any organization wishing to improve its floor safety".

Background Information:

The Health & Safety Executive recognises a slip test result of over 36 as the minimum for a safe floor. 4Earth Solutions achieved 53 at Northumbria University.

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