How to Clean Tile Floors

The very best way to keep your tile floors clean is to avoid getting them dirty in the first place. That may sound trite, but nonetheless if you can avoid getting them dirty - especially the grout – your cleaning routine should not take very long.

How do you avoid getting them dirty? Simple. Place mats at the entrance and take your shoes off when you come in. This avoids tracking dirt in from outside and your tile floors will not get so dirty.

It is a good idea to dust them over or vacuum them every day in order to remove any dust. Don't use a stiff broom because it can scratch the tile surface. Then once a week mop the tile floor with plain water and that should bring it up to a nice shine. Dry it after mopping, so that dirt doesn't settle in wet areas, especially on the grout, where it can dry into hard grime.

If your tile floor still looks dirty after mopping with water, and you need to deep clean tile floors, there are a number of different mixtures that you can use to clean it more thoroughly. You can, of course, buy special cleaning solutions, but you should make certain that you get the right type for your floor. Any natural stone, such as travertine or marble, can be sensitive to cleaning products, and you don't want to dull your floor surface which can happen over time if you use the wrong products.

If your tiles are in the bathroom, soap scum may be the culprit, so you need a cleaner that removes it. If in the kitchen it is likely to be grease, so you need a de-greasing agent. You could also use washing up liquid or powder mixed with water. Let it settle for ten minutes before rinsing off with fresh water.

Don't forget the grout. You can make a paste of water and baking soda and use it to scrub the grout with an old toothbrush. Then rinse off with water and your tile floor should look bright and shiny again.

If you don't want to go to all the bother, 4Earth Solutions can deep clean your tile floors for you.

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