External Floors Can Be Dangerous As Well

According to the HSE, the most common forms of serious injury, to both employees and members of the public, are slips, trips, and falls. Unfortunately, if you run a business you can be in the direct firing line of one of the many solicitors in this country who are only too happy to be approached by someone who has been so injured and take up their case on a “no win, no fee” basis, knowing full well that they almost always win. They usually charge 25% of all damages won.

Of course, that won’t cause your business any direct damage if you are insured, although any claim will automatically result in an increase in your premiums. However, you are also dealing with an insurance company and they make their profit by charging premiums as high as possible and paying out as little as possible. Perhaps that sounds cynical, but it doesn’t alter the facts. If they can find some way of turning down your claim they will do so. They employ very expensive lawyers for precisely that purpose. A “loss adjuster” only ever “adjusts” a claim one way.

This is why you need to be so careful of the condition of your floors, and we are not just talking about the floors inside your building. Lots of businesses have outside floors where the public at large will go. You could run a garden centre, or a pub with a garden. You might have a store that sells garden equipment and has an outside area.

This is why you should seriously consider external deep cleaning of pathways, patios, and anywhere else that either your employees or customers or visitors may go. You might have stone or tile paths that are perfectly OK when dry, but if someone spills a drink on them, they could be dangerous. A customer might spill something that is greasy, and it could soak into the stonework without your knowledge.

With the way the law is in this country these days, it is almost as if you are regarded as guilty if someone gets injured on your premises, whether or not you are at fault, so it is not worth taking any risks.

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