Dangerous Slippery Car Park Surface

In one of our last jobs of 2019 we were called, as a matter of urgency, to a car park in Central London but this time for something completely new to us as an anti slip company. The client had been having slip issues with cyclists.

The problem was coming from a change in surface texture. The cyclists came down a ramp on a more rough asphalt surface this then changed at the bottom to a much smoother poured concrete surface. The change in surface coupled with damp, wet conditions meant that on an alarming number of occasions cyclists were sliding and coming off their bikes.

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As you can imagine this was a real concern for the client who was keen to get this issue sorted as soon as possible to ensure public safety and in turn to avoid any potential costly injury claims.

We decided the best course of action was to professionally clean the area down using 4Earth Hard Surface Cleaner. This got rid of any oil, dirt, grease and other contaminants then we applied a heavy duty anti slip paint. This premium quality paint is incredibly hard wearing and couple that with a heavy duty micro anti slip additive, it provides the perfect slip resistant surface without compromising the look for the floor in the way larger aggregates paints do.

WhatsApp Image 2019-12-18 at 14.44.20.jpeg Before anti slip had been applied

As part of all of our anti slip work we provide a report and further recommendations which includes British Standard Slip Resistance Testing both before and after the job. This helps with the clients ongoing slip resistance management. In this particular case the slip resistance went from a dangerous 20 wet PTV (pendulum test value) to a more than safe 55 wet PTV.

Another happy client and another UK floor safe for the public.

If you have any concerns with your floors, 4Earth Solutions are a one stop shop for everything floor safety. Give us a call and ask our advice.


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