A Dangerous Floor Can Cost You Thousands

Floors that are in a dangerous condition can cause slips, trips, and falls, and they are the second most common form of accident causing injuries in the UK, according to the HSE. Of course, in today's atmosphere of suing for damages in the courts at every opportunity, and with almost every solicitor working on a no win - no fee basis, your chances of escaping lightly if someone is injured because of the condition of your floor is almost impossible.

The sad fact is that, while you run a business, you may not even know that your floors are in a dangerous condition. You keep them clean, you mop them, you clean up any spills immediately, yet your floors can still be dangerous. Solicitors acting for someone injured as a result of a fall on your floor will send in a specialist (that could even be us!) to undertake a Pendulum Test which will determine the safety level of your floor surface. If it falls below 36 it is regarded as dangerous and you can be sued for thousands in the courts, and they will almost certainly find in the claimant's favour. This is why solicitors work on a no win – no fee basis, because they are pretty certain they are going to win, and they take a 25% cut of the damages. Nice work if you can get it.

It may never happen, but why take such a risk? At 4Earth Solutions we can undertake a Pendulum Test for you on your floors, as you have seen above, and determine the level of safety. If the PTV figure is below 36 you can be in trouble.

However, this is not a problem, because we can provide an anti-slip coating to any type of floor surface to bring its' PTV level up to the recommended level. It doesn't matter if your floor is indoors or outside (and you may not even have considered outside flooring), we manufacture a range of coatings to cover every possible situation. That's why we are called 4Earth Solutions – because we always have a solution!

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