Correct Cleaning Processes and Floor Safety

At 4Earth Solutions we visit many different environments and encounter many different types of floor.

Factories are one of the environments we are called to all of the time. We have visited and worked in everywhere from manufacturing to food factories, each one has its own issues.

A recent visit to a food factory highlighted the issues a lot of these places are battling against. In one area of the factory there was an issue with slip accidents. These accidents were being caused by what was being made in this particular area of the factory - cakes.

The issue they had was the amount of cake ingredients that were ending up on the floor and subsequently trailed through other areas of the factory on employees boots and clothing.

It was evident as soon as we entered on our site visit that the main issue was with cleanliness. This is not to say the factory wasnt clean, it was, however the floors werent being cleaned in the correct way with the correct chemical.

The chemical they were using wasnt suitable for, nor was it up to the task. It did not cut through the grease and dirt that was being left on the floor which in turn meant that the build up of slippery grease was getting out of control.

This is where we came in.

Initially we conducted a site survey and British Standard Pendulum Slip Test to identify the problem areas and to create a document to measure the success, or not, of the changes we would advise.

We advised the factory managment on their cleaning regime and process and also got them to switch their cleaning chemical to a chemical more suited to the task. This is currently being monitored.

So far after 7 months the client is more than happy with the results. Having stuck to the cleaning processes advised and the use of the correct cleaning product the slip risk had gone from high risk (23 Wet PTV*) to low risk (40 Wet PTV) and in the 7 months there has been no recorded slips in the factory.

We had successfully made this dangerous floor safe for the factory employees and gave the management peace of mind that their floor now passes a pendulum slip test, which is all important in a legal case.

All of this success through simply changing the way the floor was cleaned!

*Pendulum Test Value

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