Case Study: UK Train platform

After independent pendulum testing 4Earth Solutions were called in to advise management at a train station on how to resolve slip issues on the terrazzo of two train platforms.

After a successful test area was assessed for slip resistance, aesthetics and ease of cleaning, the client authorised work to both platforms and due to short shift times, i.e. when the station is closed (midnight to 4am) work took place over 4 nights.

4Earth Tile anti slip treatment was used to reduce slip risk and take wet PTV from the pre-test 11 to post treatment 66.

As 4Earth Tile Anti Slip contains a surfactant it was not necessary to use a cleaning product for preparation and dwell time was only 15 minutes to produce the results as stated.

4 months after installation

4Earth re-visited the site to fid that slip resistance has reduced slip incidents to zero and the cleaning team are fiding it very easy to clean the flor with no need to change their usual cleaning regime.

Client comment

We are delighted with the results and commend 4Earth Solutions on job well done.

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