Case Study: Health Spa / Swimming Pool

Slip Issue:

After several slip incidents on newly laid tiles, the owners of a Health Spa went back to the tile distributor and with their assistance contracted a fim to install a well known anti slip product.

In tandem with the anti slip product the Spa staff were instructed to clean the floors regularly with a cleaning product made by the same company.

After only a number of months, slip accidents started to re-occur and so the Spa management returned to the anti slip company for guidance.

Unfortunately the management were left far from satisfied with the attitude of management at the anti slip installer / distributor, preferring to blame lack of cleaning, despite the Spa staff using the cleaning product prescribed and manufactured by the anti slip supplier.

When asked to visit the site the company said they could not, for a period of at least two months!

As the Environmental Health Officer was now involved, the Spa insisted that the tile distributor did something about the situation 4Earth Solutions were called in to visit the site.

Within 10 days of the initial visit, 4Earth Solutions installation team completed application of 4Earth Tile Anti Slip, to replace the previous failing product and took the pendulum test value from the previously found 19 PTV (wet) to an impressive 54 PTV (wet)

14 Months after installation The Spa report no slip incidents and its staff continue to clean the poolside and surrounding areas without diffilty. The management have peace of mind with 4Earth Solutions five year guarantee.


4Earth Solutions is our “Go to Company” for our floor safety requirements throughout the group and we would have no hesitation in recommending 4Earth Solutions.

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