The Biggest Cause Of Injuries In The UK Are Slip And Fall Accidents

Slips and falls are the biggest cause of injuries in the UK. The Labour Force Survey states that in 2016/2017 workers self-reported 609,000 non-fatal injuries and employers reported 70,116 employee non-fatal injuries. The LFS estimated that 175,000 injuries caused over 7 days absence from work, while a further 434,000 injuries caused less than 7 days absence.

Of these workplace accidents no fewer than 29% were the result of slip and fall. (The next highest was lifting and handling at 22%, followed by being struck by an object at 10%). So it can readily be seen that problems with floor surfaces are a very real danger.

Of course, it may be that it is not the floor surface which is the problem. If a floor is dirty you are actually walking on the dirt and not the floor surface. This is why it is important to keep floors clean and also to rinse off any chemicals used for cleaning them.

However, floor surfaces can vary considerably in their degree of slipperiness, and at 4Earth Solutions we can carry out a PTV test to determine the level of danger presented by your floor. This is the test recommended by the Health and Safety Executive. We can then use the appropriate anti-slip floor coating to protect you, your employees, and your visitors from slip and fall accidents. We produce a range of anti-slip coatings to deal with different circumstances.

The best time to deal with slip and fall accidents is before they happen. The costs of not taking every step to prevent them can be serious. Claims for compensation can affect not only your insurance premium, which is very likely to rise in the event of a claim, but also your reputation with your customers, so preventative action can save you money and loss of business as well.

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