Anti Spatter Sales Spark at 4Earth!

4Earth Solutions has seen a rapid increase in sales of its environmentally friendly, anti spatter.

Sales of 4Earth Eco Weld have risen so fast, that sales in June 2013 rose 2.5 times those for the whole of 2012.

A 4Earth spokesman said it was down to a number of factors: "The welding and engineering industries are increasingly demanding safer products, and rightly so. Our customer feedback now tells us that not only does Eco Weld deliver this but that due to it's use our customers productivity is also boosted significantly. In fact in many cases, we have learned that welders did not use anti spatters bought previously, due to the harmful nature of some products on the market. Some employers were not aware of this, thinking that anti spatter was not commonly used. This meant that many man hours were spent scraping off spatter. This time is now saved "

Also exports has also been instrumental in the increase in revenue. "Whilst it is good to see sales growth in locations where we have a base, like Canada and now Turkey it is really encouraging to see large orders in countries we still serve from the UK." "India for example is becoming a market of real results and potential for us, and I expect we will have a distributor, if not a partner in the not too distant future"

The company also has plans to develop further relationships in North America after the solid start to sales of its Anti slip products in Canada.

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