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The very best way to keep your tile floors clean is to avoid getting them dirty in the first place. That may sound trite, but nonetheless if you can avoid getting them dirty - especially the grout – your cleaning routine should not take very long. How do you avoid getting them dirty? Simple. Place mats at the entrance and take your shoes off when you come in. This avoids tracking dirt in from outside and your tile floors will not get so dirty.

One of the biggest problems that any business faces in the UK in the 21st century is the whole raft of legislation with which it has to comply. It is almost never ending, and it sometimes seems that a business owner has to spend more time on compliance than on actually running the business.

Floors that are in a dangerous condition can cause slips, trips, and falls, and they are the second most common form of accident causing injuries in the UK, according to the HSE. Of course, in today's atmosphere of suing for damages in the courts at every opportunity, and with almost every solicitor working on a no win - no fee basis, your chances of escaping lightly if someone is injured because of the condition of your floor is almost impossible.

Slips and falls are the most common cause of accidents at work and of injuries to the public. They are responsible for over a third of all major injuries caused and over 40% of all injuries to the public that are reported. Statistics from the HSE show that most accidents are slips cause by floors that are contaminated in some way, with water, grease, food spills, and so on.

4Earth Solutions is the leading manufacturer of anti-slip floor treatment in the UK. We produce a non-slip treatment for virtually every type of floor surface, both inside and outside. Without exception, whatever sort of business you run, you have floors and people walking on them. They may be employees, customers, or just visitors, but if they slip and fall on your floor you can be in serious trouble.

Slips and falls account for a huge amount of damages claims in the UK every year. Leaving aside the moral aspect of a dangerous floor for a moment, the fact is that if people slip on your floor as a result of it being wet or in a dangerous condition it is going to cost you money.

Slips and falls are the biggest cause of injuries in the UK. The Labour Force Survey states that in 2016/2017 workers self-reported 609,000 non-fatal injuries and employers reported 70,116 employee non-fatal injuries. The LFS estimated that 175,000 injuries caused over 7 days absence from work, while a further 434,000 injuries caused less than 7 days absence.

Welcome to my first blog of 2017 (Business has been so busy lately!). This blog will be addressing issues surrounding floor safety.

After independent pendulum testing 4Earth Solutions were called in to advise management at a train station on how to resolve slip issues on the terrazzo of two train platforms.

Slip Issue: After several slip incidents on newly laid tiles, the owners of a Health Spa went back to the tile distributor and with their assistance contracted a fim to install a well known anti slip product. In tandem with the anti slip product the Spa staf were instructed to clean the flors regularly with a cleaning product made by the same company.

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