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Had a slip claim against your business? Struggling to get insurance? 4Earth Solutions UK Anti Slip Insurance Solution can help!

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Designed for any premises or business with previous slip claims

Our renewal premium from our existing insurer increased to £48,000 from £6,000 due to the cost of slip claims in the past three years, our current broker could not get us any other quotes, and having had our floor treated by 4Earth, our insurance reduced back down to £6,000

We have worked on this unique product for a number of years to be the only anti slip company that can offer you this unique gateway to the UK insurance industry and provide you with:

  • A guaranteed reduction of at least 15% for organisations that have a history of slip claims
  • Fixed 3 year premium
  • Anti Slip provided free of charge*
  • Ongoing assistance to ensure maximum slip prevention
  • An annual pendulum test provided free of charge
  • Nil excess in the unlikely event there was a future slip claim

In conjunction with four major insurance companies 4Earth Solutions have developed a proactive solution to customers who have had their floors treated with 4Earth Solutions, Anti Slip. The policy is designed to cover any type of premises or business which has previously had slip claims.

The solution recognises that treating the cause of slips is far more beneficial for all parties, than charging high premiums to cover claims. The key benefits of the solution can include: 

Tackle the Problem, don’t pay the Price

In 2011 the UK Insurance Industry paid out in excess of £260m to claimants for slips on floors in the service industry, the additional cost to property owners, managers and cleaning contractors in handling the claims takes the total cost to nearer £400m. 


The public are being bombarded with adverts in newspapers, TV and Bill Boards, encouraging them to claim for every slip regardless of the injuries sustained, as a result the cost of slip claims to insurers are spiraling out of control. Slip claims are second only to Whiplash claims in terms of cost to insurers. The normal response from insurers is to keep increasing premiums and excesses to keep pace with the cost of claims, rather than solve the underlying problem of the floor. 

4Earth Solutions in conjunction with a number of major UK insurers have created a bespoke and unique solution that tackles every part of the problem from the slippery floor to the testing and recording of floor safety, to the cost efficient insurance and claims defence programme.

For any business or building owner, the cost of insurance is a significant part of their costs. But when a slip claim occurs, insurance premiums rise, excesses are imposed or increased and add to this the time spent dealing with claims correspondence and the customer can see serious impacts on their profitability.

Testing Solution

The key to defending slip claims is being able to prove that you have treated the floor, and you continually test the floor to ensure it remains safe, to this end we will provide as part of the solution a testing service and data recording solution so that in the event of a claim we can provide the proof required.

To tackle the problem, contact Paul Robson on 0191 567 4911.