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At 4Earth Solutions we love the challenge when we are asked to create specific new products to prevent the environmental issues that other cleaning products can cause!

Our Wooden Floor Cleaner is a simple straight-forward cleaning solution for beautiful wooden floors– a cleaner that does not make maintenance more difficult by using waxes, solvents or glycol ethers. In accordance with our policy of formulating environmentally friendly products, it does not contain ammonia either.

Many cleaners contain ammonia - an irritant which can cause burning, fainting, or even worse. With our laminate and wooden floor cleaner you do not need to take special precautions. It is environmentally safe both in use and disposal which makes it ideal for your existing staff to build into their cleaning regimes.

Laminate or real wood floors should not be soaked with a wet mop as the fluid can penetrate between the panels and swell the floor. Our cleaner is used as a spray solution with a micro fibre mop. Machinery can be used in larger commercial areas. Ideally the cleaning regime should consist of brushing/ vacuuming to remove loose debris before spray cleaning with Wooden Floor Cleaner.

Wooden Floor Cleaner is formulated with de-ionised water as the base solution. This means that, after cleaning, the floor is less attractive to dirt — your floor will remain beautiful and clean for longer than with normal cleaners.


  • Formulated without solvents, glycol ethers or ammonia
  • Zero VOCs
  • Green environmental profile
  • Readily biodegradable as per OECD 301E
  • Passes current green seal protocols
  • Fast evaporating & streak-free
  • Virtually no odour
  • Uses de-ionised water: less dirt attraction after treatment
  • Used neat with no dilution/ mixing required
  • No special equipment– just a microfibre mop (for small applications)

So Much More Cost Effective

Our Laminate & Wooden floor cleaner not only does the job more effectively, it has a much lower cost per litre than most other cleaners. For a quotation and MSDS details simply contact us– details below.