Sunderland Council Join 4Earth Gum Stopper Trials

Written by: Web Master

It is well understood that the environment is a large factor in the quality of life for town centre residents and visitors. For many towns the problem of chewing gum sticking to pavements is an unsightly, unhygienic and costly affair to deal with.

After considerable expense involved in removing chewing gum from pavements in the town centre, Sunderland Council realised that the problem would soon return.

4Earth Solutions had been running a very successful trial of its product "Gum Stopper" in Whitley Bay and Sunderland Council asked the company for further details.

4Earth Gum Stopper prevents chewing gum from adhering to the paving- the Whitley Bay trial is still showing dramatic results 9 months after application! This saves the cost of repeatedly removing gum from the treated areas.

This led to an order for Gum Stopper which is to be used around high traffic areas and litter bins in the town centre.

UK Councils alone spend around £150m a year in removing gum from public areas.