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Non-Slip Floor Treatment

Flooring is a hugely important part of any commercial space. However, few people invest much time and money on buying the right type for their premises. Whilst aesthetics are likely to be a factor when choosing flooring, safety should be considered too. Standard tiles available on the market become very slippery when water or other fluid is spilled on them. This can result in accidents occurring amongst your staff and customers, which can lead to expensive claims being made against your business. To avoid this, it's best to invest in a non-slip floor treatment from leading firm 4Earth Solutions. The company develops and distributes cutting edge surface treatments and coatings for many types of flooring.

An Excellent Reputation

Earth4 Antislip is widely regarded as the world's leading anti slip range, being used by thousands of commercial clients globally. It is even used on the London Underground – one of the busiest public rapid transit systems in the world, as well as by the NHS in many hospitals across the UK. The team are always happy to answer questions from their customers, so don't hesitate to call +44 (0) 191 567 0300. Browse the website to find out more about 4Earth Solutions' anti slip floor treatments.